9 unique spaces for our fury friends

Pets. Most of us have them, or at least dream about having them. They bring in life (and of course chaos sometimes) to our home, they’re always there for you. That’s why they deserve a special place, not some hideaway. It is important for them to have a safe space where they can rest and sometimes hide if they don’t want to be around.

I found some great pictures where interior designer had to include room for pets and they did a good job. Enjoy!

Umbau eines Reihenmittelhauses aus den 70er Jahren
Very practical and space saving solution. So you not falling over the pets bowls and kids have no excuse to splash their water. Because you only take the drawer out when it’s lunch time. Clever.
Home in Toronto 8
Those who loves walking their dogs know exactly how muddy and dirty they can get. Having a shower that is comfortable both for the owner and the dogs – is a life saver!
dogs dream
Utility room includes not only washing machine and dryer, but also a dog shower and a cozy dog bed. Very pet-friendly.
Seaside whimsy in Centerville, MA
Love the use of the side of the island. And especially the bone-shaped drawers openings!
California Cape Cod
Great use of the space under the stairs.
This pet owner do not forget to match the dog bed to this modern bedroom look.
Completed Work
Minimalistic and very cute opening for a cat to go out to the toilet.
Durango Plan - Valentine Estates,  Woods Cross
Another use of under the stairs space.
Lynn Valley Residence
I just couldn’t left this behind. Grand opening for the fury friends.