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What makes a house HOME?

I always wonder: what is that secret that makes home feel HOME. Why some of houses I’ve been to feels cold and empty, even though they full of modern things? Why some pretty cheap and simple stuff can make the space shine and feel cozy? What’s the secret to be able to express your personality to your home?

I feel that some people do not care that much about the space they spend a lot of time in. It is just furniture, walls and floor for them. Just that. Some people however attach too much. They keep buying things they do not need, keep adding to the room that is already too much.

I believe that in order the house to be HOME you need to love it. Of course it can be very difficult to love your home if it’s: tiny/neighbours too noisy/dark/not enough storage/cold, etc. But there’s always a way to make it better/cosier/prettier. And for those who care about their home – here’s a small list of ideas:

  • Fresh flowers. Make a rule to buy a bouquet from time to time. Mark you calendar, so you don’t forget. Find the flowers you love. The smell, the colour. It brings the room back to life. It really does. Try it!3-beautiful-little-red-flowers
  • Throw all the ugly bits. For example, old rugs or towels. Things that you think you need, but secretly hate. There are lots of places online where you can find gorgeous accessories that won’t squeeze your purse. Trust me! and if you need any help or advice – just send me a message or email: rutalauzi@gmail.com I will be glad to help!
  • Buy a plug in freshener. There are so many different fragrances that I am sure you will find the one you like. Or experiment a bit. My secret tip: plug it in near the entrance – every time you come back the nice aroma will meet you right there.
  • Deep clean/organize your wardrobes. Throw away/sell/give to charity things you don’t use/need anymore. You (and your wardrobes) will feel so much better!wardrobe
  • Artwork/photos. Refresh your walls with funny pics of your family/friends. Check Etsy for the work of local artists. Print a quote. Paint a canvas yourself? Limitless options. img_0973
  • Buy a tester paint pot of your favourite colour and paint your flower planters. Or a triangle on your bathroom door. Don’t be afraid to be creative. You may surprise yourself.5010212528570_01c
  • Get a small LED light garland . It does not have to be Christmas to pull it out and hang it on: your wall/fridge/table/window. It adds coziness and a bit of festivity. Sometimes it’s all your home needs – just a little bit of light.original_heart-birdhouse-fairy-light-garland

All in all don’t be scared to be different. Different from your friends, coworkers or family. Everyone has a different taste and style. Even the most quirky and whimsical things may bring happiness to you. You don’t have to think what others might think. It is your home. And it is your rules.


Interior design vs. trends

Almost the same way as trends in apparel fashion, Interior design is getting waves of ‘trendy’ colours, themes and materials too. And I do not agree with it.

Wearing apparel that fits and – most importantly – suits you is critical. More than going after something that won’t even be fashionable in few weeks or months. Interiors are exactly the same. I agree that interior design magazines, books, TV shows, blogs are good source of ideas, but following trends is not what we should do.

Who can decide what colour scheme is trendy anyway???

Your home should be taken as YOUR clothes: they should fit YOU and suit YOU and not the other way round. What I am saying that if you love bold colours you should go for it even if pastels is hip right now. If you like nautical theme – do it. If you crave for kitsch poster on your wall – hang it. If you feel good about some detail/accessory/picture, but the magazine is saying it is out of fashion – stick with what your gut is telling.

You know why? Because I am a firm believer that there’s always a solution. I might hate yellow walls, but there is a way to make it work. The same approach goes with furniture, curtains, lamps, vases, etc.

Here goes the moral of my rant – interior is as successful as it is yours. And by ‘yours’ I mean your personality, your taste, your lifestyle, your vision. Not someone else’s home in the trendy magazine.

Oh and if you stuck with something – keep-calm-and-hire-an-interior-designer-52