Project: kitchen

This is a small (both – the space and the project itself), but very fun and enjoyable kitchen update.

When we moved into our new home, it was very much ‘unloved’ and lacked character. The kitchen was all white, with wooden imitation vinyl worktop and same type of floor. The whole flat was well…plain (at least for my eyes and taste). And then we moved in…

Being a huge fan of colour I knew that it is inevitable for this white kitchen to say goodbye to its ‘whiteness’.

Paint was the best solution for us: relatively cheap, quick way to update any room. I think that kitchen is one of the best rooms to play with different shades and tones.

So I did play a bit. In the end decided to change the walls colour instead of the cupboards doors. But it was fun to see how it would look like.


I can’t remember why, but I had to choose the main colour for walls pretty quickly. Sometimes the gut feeling tells you the right thing (sometimes not). Well, this time I think I was right, because I still very much in love with my choice. The inspiration for it was the house in my neighbourhood – every time I pass this building I say to myself or to anyone around – I love this colour. I promise to post a pic of that house one day.

So I was told to drive to the shop and buy paints, because the man of the house was ready to do the magic (painting magic). To be honest I could spend hours in the paint shop (or diy shop). For some reason I feel that I need all kinds of test pots and catalogues. My obsession of greyish/greenish/blueish colour won and I came back with the beautiful shade of Dulux Blue Reflection.


So here it is – greyish blue with hints of bright red. I wish there would be more space for sitting in our little kitchen so we could spend more time here. The blue reflection was and still is the perfect colour for these walls. Perfect combination. Happy me!

There was not much storage so we used quite a few hooks to hang our pots and pans.  Several shelves – I love the one in the middle of the window. Planning to hang few pots of herbs under it.

kitchen4Also, there’s a fridge painted with chalk board paints.

Very useful for kids drawings, groceries lists, doodles and everyday notes.

Can you see the quote?

“Stop living your life accidentally, start living on purpose!”.

Now share me the pic of your kitchen, please