3 favourite places for inspiration

Whenever I’m stuck and need new, fresh ideas for a project I have few favourites where I am heading straight away. No disappointment!

  • Houzz UK – extremely visual site both for professionals and design enthusiasts. They keep the content vibrant and energetic, posts exciting stories and cool diy projects. You can expect to see budget ideas and multi million worth interior design. Getting an online advice from pro or finding architect/designer for a complete redo of your home – it’s easy at Houzz. How I find it? I was heavily pregnant and waiting for the keys to our first home. Browsing and searching for spaces solutions, paint ideas, colour schemes (you what I mean) and then I hit Houzz. I cannot recommend any other site more – so 11 out 10 points to this one. Here’s the link to my recent collection of interesting ceilings that I found on Houzz.

  • Pinterest – well this one you know for sure. It’s a great mix of..well..EVERYTHING. Even when I am not looking for ideas – I keep finding them on Pinterest. Someone said that Pinterest is the best time killer. Oh well. I love going through my old boards and seeing what I pinned there ages ago. Sometimes it is complete embarrassment, sometimes it is still relevant.


  • Magazines. Since I’ve became a mother I have piles of magazines in my coffee table. Under the bed. On the shelf. Near the bin. Behind the sofa. Some of them not even opened, fresh as daisies. Mostly they are fashion magazines, few – home, garden, design themed. How do I use them? I cut them into pieces. Cut out the colours, textures, pieces of clothing, faces…whatever speaks to me at that moment. Sometimes I find nothing, sometimes I ‘kill’ the whole magazine. Put them in the paper bag and usually forget for awhile. Then when inspiration hits me – I do quick experiments/exercises and try to put them together. Very instinctively. Very quickly. On a piece of white paper. I called them collages, but you can call it a mood board. Here’s one of the old pieces I recently found:

    quirky interior moodboard

    Quirky/modern mood board


Now tell me – where do you find the inspiration?