The most annoying interior design clichés

I used to write about the good things and improvements your home. Now it is time to talk about something that annoys me a lot in current interior design trends and fashion.

Please bear in mind that this is completely my own opinion and you do not have to agree with all of it.


  1. Matching everything. Matching curtains with matching rug and matching table lamp. Oh yes, please add some MATCHING napkins or even a plant pot. Maybe it is my passion for eclectic, but all matching is just boring. Of course I had my time of wanting every appliances in my kitchen to be red, but I think I overgrew it now. Would like to see some examples? Sure!
  2. Neutral everything interior. Or let’s call it plain. For sure it is good when you’re selling or letting. But I do not agree that one could live in ‘plain’ home. Home should express you and show what you are. Home should be a place like nobody else’s. It should be yours.
  3. All white and super modern. One thing – it is super unpractical. The only way to live in it is to have super powers or gang of maids. I’m joking. But seriously – it only looks good in magazines.

For all other ideas and opinions there is a great discussion going on on Houzz – A trend that should end. There is nothing more than just a collection of personal opinions. Some things works for one and some doesn’t.

I cannot promise that I won’t add to this list later on 😉


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