Bunk bed stories

My current project includes finding the bunk bed for kids. Researching them is a lot of fun to be honest. Browsing everywhere: from popular Ikea website to local furniture shops, from Houzz to lifestyle blogs. Oh wow. There are lots to see and explore.

The most important factor to find ‘IT’ is the quality, sturdiness and aesthetic. While putting down the inspiration found on Houzz to a board (down below),

I believe I accidentally found a winner on Kids Fun Beds. Sturdy, pretty and comes with a slide! What more a small person could ever want??? A choice of making the bed yours is amazing: choosing the carpet for the stairs (you can even add the gates at the bottom of the stairs), the colours of the paint, drawers, shapes, THE SLIDE, cot front, different mattress options and more.

I think this bed can make a toddler want to separate from parents happily and crawl to their own pretty bed with joy and excitement.

What do you think?




Little tip, No 2


First of all, I apologise for not posting so long. Been busy picking’ out the best tips for you 🙂

So my newest obsession (in a good way, of course) is wall beds. Not only single, double, king size beds that comes out of the wall, but also bunk beds. The ones that can be used as a work/play station at day and proper comfy bed at night. It is such a space-saving solution that should not be forgotten or missed. Most of the beds construction has some sort of storage in them, a desk or a shelving. The floor space should and could be used for so much more than just a landing for a heavy bed.

Please have a look at my little collection of best wall beds I found.