Little tip, no 1.

So you have an interest in Interior design. You love beautiful homes, stylish decor and nice pictures. Sometimes that is not simply enough to make your home YOURS and make all those things you like LIVE together. Sometimes we all need a little tip. From now on I will share little short tips with you every week.

So No 1:

Open floor creates the illusion of more space. What do I mean by that? Forget heavy furniture (like chunky sofas or large coffee tables with no legs). Think lighter. Longer legs that shows more floor space. Bedside tables that comes of the wall or from the bed and does not cover the floor. Go up – choose wardrobes that goes straight up to the ceilings. Oh, and the most important – clear out unnecessary stuff. That gives you space not only in your home, but in your head too!

Here are some inspiration from Pinterest (click on the pictures to find some more information). See you next week!



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