“Who are you?” you may ask. Why would I hire you instead of other interior designers? I don’t know you!

So here you go guys. I am an open book (with a glass of red by my side) tonight.

  • I am greyish/blueish paint on my kitchen walls. 



    Dulux Blue reflection

  • I am paint. All kinds of.
  • I am red skirting board

    Red skirting board


  • I am a scaffold board shelf



  • I am a hand painted geometric wall
    quirky interior moodboard



  • I am  black and white socks on Duke of York’s cinema in Brighton
  • tumblr_inline_nrj3jospBM1twjg1b_500

    Duke of York cinema Brighton

  • I am a potato sack fabric
  • I am a timber branch hook for shoes
  • I am a cloud on your bedroom ceilings
  • I am a hand painted lampshade
  • preview_handmade-abstract-lampshade

    Hand painted

  • I am unusual
  • I am what you don’t expect
  • I am in Brighton
    Sky Cloud mural in a great room

    Sky Cloud mural in a great room



    Potato sack fabric



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